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Weddings in South India

Posted on 06, June 2022 02:56:24 PM

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  Kerala undoubtedly has the most breathtaking scenic beauty with beautiful backwaters and a gorgeous backdrop. And this beautiful state has unique wedding customs too. Here are all the pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals that make the Kerala Hindu wedding a grand affair and one of a kind.

1. Muhurtham

In this pre-wedding ritual, the Kundlis of the bride and groom are matched by an astrologer to see whether the match is viable or not. And, if the Kundlis are a match, then a Muhurath, which is an auspicious and holy date for the wedding to take place.

2. Nischayam

This pre-wedding ceremony of the Kerala Hindu wedding is the engagement. Here, both the families make an official announcement of the wedding in front of all the people.

3. Traditional Party

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride's family organises a party for the guests. The traditional party offers a delicious vegetarian meal for the guests to savour.

4. Madhuparkam Ritual

In this ritual, when the groom reaches the wedding venue, he and his family members are warmly welcomed and the bride's father washes the feet of the groom. The groom gives his in-laws a white saree that the bride is supposed to wear during the wedding ceremonies.

5. Kanyadaanam

All the wedding ceremonies are performed in front of a Veli (holy fire). The couple goes around the Veli three times and then the groom ties a Taali (yellow necklace) around the bride's neck. After this, the actual Kanyadaanam ritual is done, where the bride's father hands over his daughter's hand in the hands on the groom. This signifies that he is handing over the responsibilities of his daughter over to him.

6. Sparsham Ritual

In this wedding ritual, the groom is made to sit on the floor in a way that he faces the bride and their foreheads touch. The priest chants and asks the bride to put rice in the Veli. After this, the groom puts the bride's foot on the Ammi (grinding stone) to signify that she is breaking ties with her family and stepping onto a new family.

7. Sadhya

In this wedding ritual, once all the other rituals are over with, all the guests sit down together to enjoy a grand feast of traditional dishes.

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